2nd Mate Function

2nd Mate Function

This Programme covers part of the education and training required under Regulation II/1 and aims to meet the standards of competence specified in Section A-II/1 of the STCW 78 as amended

The objectives of this Programme are to prepare a candidate to appear for the examinations of Second Mate of the Certificate of Competency as Second Mate of a Foreign going Ship.

Duration: 4 Months

Reference: STCW 2010 Circular No 12 of 2012

Training towards: 2nd Mate Function certification

Approvals: Directorate General of Shipping

Teaching methods: Blended learning

Course Commencement: Every 4 Months once

Completed 12 months pre-sea from DG approved institute

Sea Service for 18 months in a foreign going ship

GP rating course from DG approved institute

Served 36 months which includes 6 months supervised bridge watch keeping duties or 24 Months sea going with approved SSTP

Deck Cadets and GP Ratings


CDC and Passport

10th Certificate

12th Certificate


Master Checker

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