Revalidation and Updating Training Engine – Management Level

This programme is established to provide and improve the watch keeping ability of Marine Engineers who are aspiring to shine in their profession at the Operation level. The candidates are exposed to the up-to-date sophisticated apparatus. The Engine Room systems are functioned in a orderly manner, in accord with fixed procedures and safety guidelines.

Theory sessions are framed based on operative procedures and are continued up by practical trainings on the simulator. Aspirants are then capable to monitor the changes in various parameters in the Engine room. Considerable exposure is given in the area of finding faults and following solution finding of the same.

Course Objective: At the end of the course, the learner will

  • Be accustomed with the usage of instruments and parameters used in Engine Room
  • Formulate increased awareness of pro activeness in planning and the use of agenda of the time scales involved start up measures
  • Have an improved understanding and awareness of right watch keeping procedures
  • Have an understanding of interdependency of various machinery
  • Attain experience in recognizing operational difficulties and analysing them
  • Improve their decision-making capabilities with respect to safety and effective plant operation.
  • Make a safer and more operative contribution to the operation of vessel's machinery installation.

Be able to analyse the deviations in various parameters and effectively carry out essential action to reinstate regularity

  • Duration 11 days

  • Reference STCW 2010 Training Circular No.2 of 2012 dated on 31.06.2012

  • Training towards RUT Engine Management Level Certification

  • Approvals DGS

  • Teaching methods Blended learning

  • Course Commencement Every Month

  • Applicant must have completed Competency Certificate of Class II or equivalent
  • Should possess INDOS number
  • Individuals who have completed MEO Class II exams.

  • Passport
  • CDC
  • COC
  • INDOS number
  • E-Governance