8 Reasons to choose Sea Skills Maritime Academy

  • Systematic Personalised training
  • World-Class Learning resources
  • Academic discussion through our prominentlecturearrangement
  • Industry Pioneers and Faculty from top sea faring experience
  • Real time Stimulator training takes you to Sea virtually
  • One to one session with think tanks of Sea faring peers
  • Strategically located and diversified community
  • Recognized for excellence on knowledge transfer

Student Life on Campus

If you study here, you will partake a great education - knowledge which persistsanera. Out there, the astonishingarray of prospectslets you to pick your student life at Sea skills Maritime Academy - so it certainly can be what you want it to be. At the completion of their time at Sea Skills, we want our learners to be the self-sufficient to be whoever and wherever they want to be and to senseassured and happy about their future.

Build your Future

Sea Skills Maritime graduates are some of the topsalaried and their talent-sets brand them highly sought after by companies. Learning at Sea Skills Maritime Academyactivates a time of opening and one will have anoption of exhilaratingprofessions or morelearningchoices when theycomplete their course. Even whilelearning, each individualis exposed to lots of prospective timeframe toshapetheir employability talents, acquire work skill or develop commercial ideas.

Admission Timeline

Each course starts on Monthly basis unless otherwise it has been stated on the announcements section by the respective authority. Most of our courses are flexible and commence on the different dates in a year.

Apply and Start Your Bright Future