Revalidation and Updating Training Deck – Management Level Course

This course aims to meet the mandatory minimum requirements for knowledge, understanding and proficiency in Table A-II/2 of STCW Code for function Navigation at the Management Level, for function Cargo Handling and Stowage at the Management Level and the Background knowledge to support Controlling the Operation of the Ship and Care for Persons on Board at the Management Level.

This practical course provides the detailed knowledge to support the training outcomes associated to Cargo Handling and Stowage at the Management Level.

It equips the learners with the background knowledge to support the tasks, duties and responsibilities in:

  • Scheduling safe loading, stowage, securing and care during the journey and unloading of cargoes
  • The carriage of dangerous goods

This comprises areas such as Ship Trim, Stability, Ballasting, Cargo Securing, Tankers and Tanker Operations and Carriage of Dangerous, Hazardous and Harmful Cargoes.

  • Duration 11 days

  • Reference STCW 2010 Training Circular No.12 of 2012 dated on 31.06.2012

  • Training towards RUT DECK Management Level Certification

  • Approvals DGS

  • Teaching methods Blended learning

  • Course Commencement Every Month

  • Applicant must have completed Competency Certificate of second mates or equivalent
  • Should possess INDOS number
  • Individuals who have completed Second Mates Phase II exams.

  • Passport
  • CDC
  • COC
  • INDOS number
  • E-Governance