Refresher EFA Course

Refresher Elementary First Aid Course

This course aims to provide the training for learners to provide elementary first aid on board ship, in accordance with section A-VI/1 of the STCW Code. This syllabus covers the requirements of the STCW Convention Chapter VI, Section A-VI/1, Table A-VI/1-3. On meeting the minimum standard of competence in elementary first aid, a learner will be competent to take immediate action upon encountering an accident or medical emergency until the arrival of a person with medical first aid skills or a person in charge of medical care on board.

There is, however, no obligation under STCW 2010 for first aid training to be refreshed. Except the seafarer has to take on the more advanced medical care training, it is likely that no further first aid training will be undertaken during a career at sea. Everybody on board needs to be able to carry out competent lifesaving first aid when it is needed, but skills and knowledge diminishing are quick.

However not mandatory, many individuals choose to repeat first aid training occasionally as a way to revive their skills, and companies also choose to follow this path to guarantee first aid can be competently functional on board if needed.

The elementary first aid course is an ideal course for those wishing to keep their first aid skills and knowledge up to date. It allows the seafarer to continue as competent at functioning in basic life saving techniques and to know what to do in an emergency situation.

  • Duration 3 days

  • Training towards Refresher Elementary First Aid Certification

  • Approvals DGS

  • Teaching methods Blended learning

  • Course Commencement Every Month

  • Applicant must have completed Refresher course from STCW 95 to STCW 2010 for in accordance with the requirements of STCW convention as amended in STCW 2010
  • Individuals holding STCW 95 could update their certificates to STCW 2010

  • Passport or CDC
  • INDOS number
  • STCW 95 Certificates